What can a Certified Diabetes Coach do for me?

  You have heard of Sports Coaches, Life Coaches and Success Coaches, all of which help you gain success in whatever you have goals to achieve. You may have just been given the diagnosis of Pre-Diabetes,Type ll or even Type l Diabetes. The first thing you may think is " I am going die!", or  "I have just been given a life sentence". You may feel panic or you may go into denial. How could I have this have happened? One in four Americans is considered to be Diabetic in some form.

  That is where a Diabetes Motivational Coaching comes in. I also have Diabetes, and I have been trained to work with you and your doctors to help you cope with the stress of diagnosis and work with you to create a program where you learn to maintain optimal health. Remember your diagnoses doesn't have to be a death sentence. You can learn  habits that put you control  your sugar with the least amount of life style disturbance. 

  A Diagnoses of diabetes affects everyone in your life and ignoring it will only make it worse.  By taking control of your life now you maybe able to avoid some nasty consequences later.  Like early blindness, loss of feeling in your arms and feet, amputation of arms and legs, stoke, heart failure to mention a few. Your body and your family will thank you for acting early and saving your limbs and your life.

     Call me today to make an appointment and put yourself back in control of your LIFE!!  Dr.Connie Hambrock 571.331.9208






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