Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your hours?

   A. We are generally available for appointments Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. I say generally because being a by appointment only office  and our partners make their own appointments. We are first called, first served and we are often booked at least a week in advance.

Q. What if I just Show up?

  A.We do not accept Walk-ins or Drop-ins. That being said our therapists may have last minute cancelations that can be taken advange of and some therapists have availability on the weekends. Periodically, we have availability on the same day so please feel free to give us a call at, 571-331-9208 ,but, don't just show up!

 Q. How many Therapists do you have?

  A. As our business grows and changes that answer will change, as f Jan 2022, we have One Professional Life, Health, Business, Relationship Coach, 2 Crystal healers. 2 of us do energy work including, Reiki and Hypnosis of all kinds, One of us does CranioSacral Therapy for all ages.

Q. Do you have more than one office?

   A. Before covid I had 3 offices, now I have one in Herndon/ Reston, {across the street from where I was previously}. To make an appointment to see Connie at her office call  571-331-9208.

Q. Is there a charge if I have to cancel?

   A. It depends. If you cancel your appointment by phone 24 hrs in advance there is No charge. If you cancel by phone 12 hours before your appointment you will be charged $65.00. If you miss your appointment without 12 hours prior notice, you will be charged the full price of the session. 

Q.How do I get to your office?

A.First I suggest you google our address 503 Carlisle Dr. Suite 125E , Herndon, VA  20170 or go to the contact us page.

Q.Could you explain this or that Therapy?

A. I would love to and I have,  for  the fastest explanations of our therapies please refer to our Therapies page. 571-331-9208


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