Ways Hypnosis can help you:


HypnoTherapy can look many ways and can be used for many reasons.Therapeutic Hypnosis or HypnoTherapy is used to allow someone to become deeply relaxed so the subconscious mind can express it's self and old "tapes" that have been running your life can be changed. It could look like we are just talking or it could look like you are sleeping, or it could look other ways too.But, it does not look like a typical stage hypnosis show where the subject is put into a deep trance and made to act like a chicken for the audience enjoyment. 

Old habits like over eating and smoking can be understood and released. It is based 100% on Choice. No one can make you stop doing anything that you really want to do,but, you do have a choice. You can choose to change your life for the better and we can help. How? By talking with that part of the brain that runs most everything and suggest new choices, new approaches, and bring to conclusion old assumptions based on half truths and things people many have told you in the past that doesn't need to be true for you any longer.

Hypnosis for Anxiety: Many types of anxiety can be overcome by using the ablity to overcome, understand and uncover to cause of the symptom. This includes panic attacks, Test anxiety, Public speaking, and Social Anxiety.

Hypnosis for Sports Improvement:
All Olympic athletes understand that 90% of performance is preparation, 70% of preparation is mental. The best way to access your full mental capabilities is through Hypnosis.   

Smoking Cessation Program:
By accessing your subconscious mind you can create a better choice for greater health. Our most common Smoking Cessation program is a set of 5 Hypnosis sessions. If you began smoking before the age of 18, more sessions are usually needed but are effective over time.

Weight Management: Most people could use a little help to lose those extra 20 lbs. Hypnosis can help you change your focus and your old habits that are keeping you from losing that extra weight.

Extreme Weight loss management

Also known as Bariatric Surgery of the mind. A HypnoTherapy program designed to provide support for those who have had Gastric Banding. Also for those who have been successful and unsuccessful with any Gastric surgery. Also for those who would like the benifits of the banding surgery without the risk. If you are looking for extreme Wt loss and are at least 60 pounds overweight and you are willing to go through a program based on Gastric banding without the actual surgery then this is the program you have been looking for.

We also offer hypnosis for dental fear.

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