Hypnosis for Dentistry

  Freedom From Dental Fear

   Many people have great fears related to going to the dentist, sitting in the dental chair, having their teeth cleaned, getting a shot, hearing, smelling and feeling the drilling and filling of their teeth. Some of these fears may be well founded from painful past experiences, but, some times the sources of these fears are unrelated to actual dental experiences or incidences. No matter what the cause, the feelings of panic and fear can be a very real visceral experience for that person.

   For some people just reading that first paragraph may have been a difficult experience, bringing up stressful feelings and memories. The  ability to cause an emotional response and relaxation through the use of words is what Hypnosis is based on. If Hypnosis or HypnoTherapy is able to cause negative feelings, then know that it can also cause positive reactions as well.

  The ability to refocus the mind and therefore refocus the experience to a positive result, to meditate on a pleasant thought, sight, smell, or sound can completely change the anticipation of an activity from one of fear and stress to one of pleasure and relaxation. This is true for almost any event in your life. For example, your experience of anticipation when going to a horror film will be completely different from your experience of anticipation of going to a comedy film. Your anticipation and expectation of the event, colors your experience of that event. With the help of a hypnotherapist your experience of going to the dentist can be a pleasant, safe and rewarding visit.

   In the past I had a huge fear of going to the dentist, any dentist. I would only make an appointment when I was in great pain and would sit in the waiting room as if I was waiting for my execution. I would walk back to the dental chair noticing everything on the walls along the way, just to keep my mind off of the pain that I expected to experience. I would sit in the dental chair and grip the arms with white knuckles before the dentist would even enter the room. Then as soon as the drill would turn on, I would feel the tears well up in my eyes. I would close my eyes and feel the tears stream down the sides of my face and fill my ears. All this would happen before the dentist had even touched me. My anticipation of the future event caused my heart to race and my adrenaline to pump so quickly that I would need at least double the normal amount of pain killer before he could drill. Then I discovered how HypnoTherapy could help.

   I was already a Hypnotherapist, but, it took me being a demonstration model on stage at a conference to get me to see what I was doing to myself. I learned a technique of release of the past fear and pain. These techniques assured me that my future need not be the painful anticipated experience, I had always created for myself. Since then, I have had many dental appointments, many of my teeth replaced with caps and all of my deep fillings replaced.

   Now, when I sit in the waiting room, I breathe and go to a place of great calm and relaxation. As I walk to the room I hardly notice the hall, I sit in the dental chair and I am able to be fully relaxed. I close my eyes and I hear the dental assistant laugh because I'm snoring and she thinks I am asleep. The truth is that my deep relaxation has allowed my soft palate to drop causing me to snore. I am still aware of everything being done and said and I respond to commands such as "open wide" and "turn this way". I no longer feel pain when they use a needle, or panic when they start to drill.

   I am thankful that as a Hypnotherapist I have been able to share the lessons I've learned with many clients and students that have had sever reactions to Doctors and Dental appointments in the past. They are now free from the fear of needles, teeth drilling, cleanings and even surgery.

   If you are interested in resolving your issues around Doctors or Dental appointments, Fear issues or coping with stresses, rational or irrational, please feel free to call me and make an appointment. 
Peaceful Doctor and Dental experiences are possible.

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