Joyful  Pregnancy and Childbirth

  What is Joyful Childbirth? It begins with a Joy filled Pregnancy. It is my hope that your conception was joyful. Perhaps it was not. Either way, you can choose to have a Joyful pregnancy and childbirth. The wonderful being growing inside of you starts as a new being created by a spark of life in the universe choosing to come to you at this time in space and at the place that you are in right now.

  You have been blessed, honored and chosen to create a peaceful, joy filled womb in which to grow this beautiful, happy life.  This isn't always easy or even possible 24/7, but, there are ways to enhance that happening more often. It starts with the awareness that creating a peaceful environment for that new life as a conscious decision that you have made. This awareness will help to remind you to breathe deeply and remove yourself from situations that anger you or make you overly stressed. In Dr.Wirth's book "Prenatal Parenting", he discusses both the mother and father taking several "fetal love breaks" everyday. This consists of taking 15 mins. during the day and visualizing how much you love this baby or what would be a good thing to do right now to enhance this baby's environment. This could be sending loving thoughts to the baby or making a date to enhance the relationship with the other parent, as that helps to create a joyful place for the baby to grow and live.

   He also has the parents check in with each other about what they did on their breaks to aid in the couples communication and connection with the unborn child. These exercises help to create a space for the baby in the here and now world so that the parents get used to making time and positive space for the baby in their lives now and in the coming future.

  I enjoy teaching Dr.Wirth's Prenatal Parenting Program classes because some new insight comes for me every time  I do. The world of communication is so much larger than  we realize. I am gratified to see the "ah ha" moments that this program allows for the parents in relationship to each other as well as in relationship to this child they will soon be bringing into the world. By creating this awareness you can then start having fun with the baby before it is born.

  Many of us have read the studies on the unborn being responsive to music and voice, but, did you know that babies like to play games before they are born? If you can ask them questions and they will answer? Well, it is true. I have played with many prenatal infants as a pregnancy massage therapist and asked many questions. I urge you as a pregnant parent to take this chance to play with your child in a way that you will only be able to right now.

  Take this time also to get to know your body as it changes. Eating lots of protein will help you grow a healthy baby and feel in better spirits yourself. Prenatal yoga and Prenatal massages and HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education classes are all good ways to get to know your changing body and your growing child.

  Have fun and enjoy this beautiful time in your life. Allow your self to truly be one with your child, bond and love your baby and your body. Take this important step toward creating world peace by creating a wonderful, peaceful womb for your peaceful beautiful child. 

All these things can lead you to a Joyful pregnancy, Joyful childbirth and a  joy filled life.

 Connie Hambrock